South Orange
Country Day School

We support students as they explore
and make sense of their world.


South Orange
Country Day School

We enjoy the outdoors
by running, jumping, and laughing.


South Orange
Country Day School

We model how to work together, resolve conflict,
and support self advocacy.


Welcome to South Orange Country Day School

Established, Effective Education

South Orange Country Day School is celebrating over 40 years of educating young children in a progressive, child-centric environment. Our community of families reflects the diversity of our neighborhoods, which allows children to experience different cultures and learn that we are more alike than different.

SOCDS’s goals for every student:

  • Ability to clearly communicate their needs and to resolve conflict by articulating the facts
  • Foster a respect for our environment and the choices that we make everyday
  • Encourage interaction with and respect for all people
  • Instill a desire to explore new learning environments, and to have the skills to be self-directed learners in any setting

Thank you for your interest in our school. South Orange Country Day School has been educating students since 1964. We have been working to create an environment that encourages learning, fosters independence, and demands personal responsibility. Please come and learn more about our school.

"The Director's sensitivity and acceptance of all the unique and beautiful families, traditions, and the use of teaching practices that elaborate that love and kindness is uniform regardless of creed,color, or race is one of the reasons we love SOCDS so much."

- SOCDS Parent

"I'm writing to let you know how much we miss your school, the teachers and the culture you fostered.

- the teachers were all caring, supportive and attentive
- the teachers and administration were all approachable and flexible
- we always felt welcome to "peek behind the curtain" while Macrae was at school"

- SOCDS Parent

"When we began to look at South Orange Country Day, we were faced with the dilemma of switching our children from a school that our children were very comfortable in, to a new environment. Our children, particularly our son, was not really good with change. As we expected, the first couple of days he was uncooperative. In response, the folks at SOCDS were very patient...they worked with him...they found things that he wanted to do...slowly they built his level of engagement. At the two month mark, we sat down with Ms. Annemarie and his teacher and to our surprise, not only had he adjusted, his real potential had started to surface."

- SOCDS Parent

"Wow... what a quick year! And what a wonderful year. Our son learned and grew so much this year, thanks to Ms. Jennifer and all the teachers in Preschool, and to the wonderful environment you have created at SOCDS. Thank you so much for the individual attention you give every family and student. We appreciate all you do and that you continue to grow at the school."

- SOCDS Parent

"What is there to say - it's been such an amazing year of growth for our daughter and we could not be happier that she got o spend it a your warm, fun, creative, safe, confidence-building school. You truly have a gift - I don't know even know how to put it into words - and I've been really trying to!
We so look forward to seeing you again in about a year when our younger daughter will be ready for preschool! (but hopefully we'll see you around the neighborhood before then!)
Big hugs."

- SOCDS Parent

"Thanks to you all, my son has really flourished over the past 19 months. He has gone from a shy and somewhat fearful 3-year old to a confident, outgoing 5-year old. He is so comfortable in your care and will miss his friends and teachers as he prepares for Kindergarten. But thanks to the loving attention, guidance, and encouragement he is well prepared to succeed in a "big" school environment. He is drawing with flair, writing, playing and socializing with confidence. Thank you especially to Ms. Sabrina, Ms. Imali, and Ms. Mimi and the always exuberant Ms. Pat. I will miss you too and look forward to the day when my younger one can be a part of SOCDS."

- SOCDS Parent

Ask the Director

At South Orange Country Day School communication is of the utmost importance for us. We know that everyone has busy lives and sometimes questions arise after hours.

This form will go directly to Ms. Annemarie Maini, the school’s director and will remain confidential. Ms. Annemarie will personally get in touch with you regarding your query.

Thank you for your continued support.

– South Orange Country Day School




Thanks to the PEP partnership we will be installing new equipment to the playground the week of May 23rd.  We will have a ball chute for basketball, two musical drums, and a toll booth.  Looking forward to these additions.
Summer Camp Registration is now available.  Click Here.
Last Day of School 

The last day of school is Friday June 17th.   Kindergartners will stay through lunch and have their graduation at 1pm.  PreK and Transition Students that are moving to Kindergarten will be clapped out of the school at 11:30am.  Parents are invited to join our line and clap out.  All other students will be ready to go home at 12noon.